Take Security
to a New Level for
Military Grade Protection

ArmorBlast, ArmorThane’s blast mitigation coating, can significantly reduce casualties and property damage from hostile explosive attacks compared to non-coated surfaces. This polyurea coating was specifically developed to survive massive pressure, such as explosion, when applied to concrete or metal structures. The ArmorBlast ballistic protection coating is suitable for armored vehicles and high profile buildings and offers proven blast mitigation benefits.

ArmorBlast Blast Mitigation Coating Benefits

  • Blast mitigation and impact resistance for military vehicles, equipment, bunkers and facilities
  • Unique surface protection for public buildings and high visibility venues such as sporting events and concerts
  • Added safety for armored transport vehicles, limousines, and other transportation targets susceptible to explosive attacks
  • Secure environment for political, government, and executive residences
  • Increased impact resistance for pipes, bridges, chemical tanks, and other potential hazards

Read a summary of the blast testing
by University of Missouri, Rolla

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