Industrial Protective Coatings
Meet the Tough Requirements
of ArmorThane Customers

We supply polyurethane and polyurea industrial products, containment solutions and spray equipment for coating a wide range of applications. When applied to containment tanks and spill berms, the leak proof barrier prevents oil and other hazardous chemicals from causing substantial damages and clean-up costs. Our industrial polyurethane and polyurea products and containment solutions safeguard people, the environment and your investment.

Secondary Spill Containment in Oil Fields

With Our Mobile Coating Unit, the ArmorThane Process Travels to Virtually Any Location

  • Secondary Containment
  • Spill Containment Linings
  • Spill Containment Berms
  • Fuel, Oil, or Chemical Containment
  • Heavy-Duty Machinery
  • Tanks and Pipes
  • Food Processing Areas
  • Warehouse Flooring
  • Stairs, Loading Docks
  • Grain Handling
  • Containers, Hoppers, Storage Bins
  • Construction Equipment
  • Work Vehicles
  • Waterproofing

Pipeline Rust, Leak and Containment Solutions

Products Were Developed for the Harshest Industrial Conditions

  • Resists denting and scratching even in high-wear areas
  • Holds shape firmly yet flexible enough to avoid breaking or chipping
  • Leak proof with seamless application
  • Protects against corrosion and rust from elements or most chemical applications
  • Reduces slipping and skidding with textured surface
  • Absorbs impact to reduce vibration and noise
  • Bonds permanently and dries in seconds for fast and easy applications
  • Offered in a wide selection of colors

Seal Warehouse Floors to Prevent and Repair Cracks Prevent Rusting and Damage to Dump Truck Beds and Other Equipment Spray Basements, Spill Containment Bins, Sewers to Prevent Leaks
Mobile Coatings Trailers