ArmorThane Reduces
the Impact from Bombs and Bullets

Armored vehicles and troop carriers blast mitigation ArmorBlast Protects vehicles against corrosion and explosion

ArmorThane Coatings Add Protection for Military and Other Vulnerable Areas

  • Military Vehicles, Equipment, Bunkers
  • Government Buildings
  • Armored Transport Vehicles
  • Limousines and Other Targets
  • High Profile Political and Executive Residences
  • High Visibility Venues such as Sporting Events and Concerts
  • Security Risks such as Pipes, Bridges, Chemical Tanks
  • Fuel Transport and Storage Areas

Polyurea Products Are Specifically Designed for Concrete and Metal Structures

ArmorBlast Can Significantly Reduce Casualties and Property Damage

Key findings from independent testing on Blast Mitigation:

  • Spray-on coating forms a “skin” on CMS blocks that does not split or de-bond
  • Extremely high elongation, toughness, adhesion to prevent structure collapse for coated walls
  • Outperformed other polyurea brands tested

Other beneficial characteristics include:

  • Maximum durability against extreme elements including temperature exposure ranges from -40°F to 350°F
  • High chemical and water resistance
  • Corrosion prevention causing consequential damages and environmental hazards

Testing proves the durability of ArmorBlast

Read a summary of the blast testing
by University of Missouri, Rolla