ColorCoat™ UV Protection

Unlimited Top Coating Options
Give Long-Lasting Protection
from the Most Intense Sunlight

Whereas other sprayed polyurethane is limited in color and can fade over time, professionally applied ColorCoat contains high levels of UV protection. These aliphatic chemicals withstand the most adverse conditions, including prolonged direct sunlight, temperature variations, and water.

Apply ColorCoat to New ArmorThane Coatings or Refinish Previously Applied Topcoats

  • Revitalize old truck beds to look new
  • Add after-market protective detailing on Jeep wells, boats, RVs, trailers and campers
  • Give long-lasting colored coatings to patios, porches, fountains, ponds and pool areas

Choose Your Color

  • Match ArmorThane coating to the color of any factory-painted vehicle, even whites and metallics
  • Select a wide range of customized colors and designs to create exciting contrast
  • Use a dynamic color range of choices from subtle to vivid
Permanent Aliphatic Colors Aliphatic Colors Won’t Fade Over Time Aliphatic Colors Won’t Fade in Water
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